The Boat

Blue EyeBlue Eye is a Nicholson 32′. This simultaneously means that she’s as hard as nails but also that she’s quite a  small nail. Which is great because it really cuts down on the cleaning for us.
Of course, there’s enough space for a kitchen (galley), study (chart table), loo (head) and several bunks for a few people to get a good kip.

Since buying the boat in Falmouth in November 2014, Hagg has overseen a huge transformation of Blue Eye, the most significant change of which has certainly been the replacing of the engine, something Hagg did entirely himself.

But the engine wasn’t the only feature of the boat that needed some care. Leaking chainplates, rusting engine mounts, creaky old rigging, and an unloved keel were a few of the repair jobs that took place in the first winter Blue Eye was taken out of the water upon her arrival in Dorset.

The list goes on. A radar, a new chartplotter and instrument system, solar panels, a wind generator, an Aries wind vane, an automatic bilge pump, an Iridium GO! tracking system and, most importantly of all, a new music system have all been welcome additions to the boat.

And it is always ongoing. By the time we’re finished Theseus’s paradox – if you replace all the parts of something does it remain the original object – may well become a question for us to ponder!