def/: Panamantics: the antics one might get up to in Panama. For example: “Gosh Geoff, it’s a long time until our Panama Canal transit still, shall we engage in some Panamantics?” They were naked as the day was hot, and the day was very hot. I hopped between feet to negate the scorching white sand,… Read more Panamantics

The Galápagos Islands: A World Within Itself

From the giant tortoises in the highlands, to the sea lions on the beach, to the baby sharks under our boat, the Galápagos Islands are everything the wildlife programmes promise. Rich and stunning, positively teeming with life. Although nobody mentioned the bird-sized moths that try to fly down ones trunks upon applying coconut-scented shower gel… Read more The Galápagos Islands: A World Within Itself