Hitchhiking In The South Pacific: It’s a Thumbs Up

There was little life, if any at all, on these isolated rocks that erupted out of the depths of the Pacific Ocean millions of years ago. And positioned thousands of miles from the nearest continents, the steaming lumps protruding from the abyss must have been amongst the most inaccessible and inhospitable places on earth. And… Read more Hitchhiking In The South Pacific: It’s a Thumbs Up

On Fiji Time

It is often said it is not the destination, but the journey itself, that is important in travel. I have reason to suspect this remark originates from somebody who boarded a Fijian bus with the notion it might actually take them to where they needed to be. Indeed, if you want to find a place in… Read more On Fiji Time


def/: Panamantics: the antics one might get up to in Panama. For example: “Gosh Geoff, it’s a long time until our Panama Canal transit still, shall we engage in some Panamantics?” They were naked as the day was hot, and the day was very hot. I hopped between feet to negate the scorching white sand,… Read more Panamantics